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Henrik is 2 depressed 2 get dressed

Oh no, I think you know – 2depressed2getdressed is a bunch of laaaazy kidz (well, maybe not cyberpuppy, if she haven't fall down some stairs or something...). So what do we do? Invite guest-bloggers! First up is by my better half Henrik, who spent some days of his Christmas holiday in Berlin, and it sure looks like more fun than porn, ibux and Nord-Talje!

- Deprimert Julatre

Introduction Bla Bla Bla…Nice city…bla bla.


Department store 206

Classy, posh and expensive. Marc Jacobs, Prada, Alexander McQueen, Jil Sander, Dior, Dries Van Noten, Stella McCartey. All the big names in one place. + Cds, art books and taxidermied butterflies.

What I really liked about this store was the interior. A lot of the clothes were really basic and dull, but the store is filled with old and eccentric furniture.

Why not enjoy a ridiculously expensive cup of coffee after you bought a ridiculously expensive dress?

also sold perfumes from cult fragrance company Etat Libre d'Orange
This one smells like cum (no, not really). Their bottles are decorated by cute pop-art. You can buy their perfumes and see more on their website, the scent “Jasmin & Cigarettes” and “Delicious Closet Queen” (haha, love the names) are my favourites.

A dead bug was the only thing I really wanted. 175 Euros.

Lil Shop

This was probably my favourite boutique since I love Comme des Garçons and Junya Watanabe. They sold all the different Comme des Garçons lines and vintage stuff from previous collections. And the people working there were really friendly and cool.

Cute wallets

Accessory tree

Ahhh…love the colors

Other Stuff

American Apparel is pretty big in Germany and has numerous stores in Berlin. Buy something lemon yellow, blueberry blue and the best underwear ever.

Bvulgari jewellery. It’s not too early to make Christmas wishes. 27.000 Euros.

Dressing room extravaganza:

From the left: Bag (notice the gun) from Vlieger & Vandam. Turtleneck by Jil Sander ( I was thrown out of the Jil Sander store because of taking pictures in the dressing room, I guess they could sense that I didn’t even have enough money for a pair of socks. I’m positive billionare son would be allowed to take pictures in the dressing rooms, but then again he could just buy everything and take pictures at home. If a billionare reads this: I’m up for adoption). Sweater from Comme des Garçons homme +. Jacket by Comme des Garçons by Watanabe


Unknown artists at Martin Mertens gallery.

Janis Kounellis had the main exhibition at Neue Nationalgalerie. The gallery was a bit crowded and a bit touristy, but the architecture is interesting and its collection of art is worth a quick look.

The Helmut Newton Foundation Museum was a blast. The one of the two main exhibitions was “Private property” which consisted of private and unpublished pictures, his clothes, his bed room +++. Picture above of the “Newtonmobile”, a blue jeep owned by the car fanatic.

Sex-masks in silver, Dior shoes and guns. Different props Newton has used in some of his most famous shoots.

The second exhibition was a “three-man-show” consisting of pictures by Helmut Newton, Larry Clark and Ralph Gibson. These “three-man-shows” are regular at the museum, which once in a while invites two other nude photographers to exhibit their work. Don’t forget to visit the book store. Below: Gibson.

Speaking of sex, if you’re interested in a good gay sex bar (who isn’t?), Greifbar is the place to be. A friend, Henning Gärtner,took me there. He’s in Berlin writing a zombie novel based in Oslo so if you come across it in the future, check it out. Greifbar is wonderfully vulgar and gross. The floor in the dark room is covered in old paper tissues (with sperm I suppose) and you’re guaranteed at least one free drink if you’re barely legal. Faggy fun.

Ok, shopping, art and sex, I think that’s all Berlin has to offer. If you haven’t been there, go! If you have been there, go again. And since I’m still in Christmas spirit: here is the lovely Christmas decoration at Grand Hyatt Berlin, a tree made out of flowers with two peacocks:

kisses, Henrik

11 kommentarer:

martemjau sa...

i wanna go to berlin with henrik. fun stuff!

alenemor13 sa...

good work!

andy hotpants sa...

good work! # 2

ps- im lazy bcause its the thing to be in 2008. slowfood, slow travelling, slow shopping, slow jeans, slow sneakers, slow talking, slow kissing, slow reader, slow DANCINg

deprimert julatre sa...

can't wait for posts by Audar, Michael and half of Vaulen Jentehåndballag!

BarnmedHenrik sa...

thank you for the nice comments, it was an fun to be 2 depressed 2 get dressed.

BarnmedHenrik sa...

thank you for the nice comments, it was an fun to be 2 depressed 2 get dressed.

Sister Libby sa...

It's rather funny how people can sense that you don't have money. Pretty Woman, anyone? When I went to the Cartier store in Vegas, nobody even paid attention to me. Well, except the security people...
I like your (their?) blog.

deprimert julatre sa...

hi "sister libby"! We're actually four people on this blog, that is me, alenemor13, cyberpuppy007 and andyhotpants
Henrik is our first "guest-blogger"

anyway, it's fun with comments! The cartier store in Vegas? Sounds grand...

Ingvild Telle sa...

Oh, jeg vil reise dit igjen. Det blir garantert en tur på meg før året sier hade.

Margretheeeeee sa...

So cool that you had fun Henrik! And since you are so ineloquent about your vacation at school, it is nice to see how berlin was. it seems really cool!

Dekadent sa...

This is HOT, you're HOT and Berlin seems HOTHOTHOT.