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Tonights lullabys

Lonely youtube-fags plays their versions "The Wings",theme from "Brokeback Mountain" ...oh I would marry them all!

"5 am and sunrise. Cats looking for birds on the field. Not much on tv,
so I might as well play my guitar" - Wrim

(the fact that the sound is so bad makes the clip even
more sad, as if he's playing in hide from his father or

Ok so he mess up the key-part of the song a little
bit in the end, but he's damn cute...both Sjur, my
roommate, and my boyfriend where immediately
hanging over my shoulders when I found this guy

love, Deprimert Julatre

1 kommentar:

Anonym sa...

Hey, thanks for linking to my video.
I'm not gay though. Do you still want to marry me? ;D
Swedishly yours,

That guy in the cowboyhat.