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fashion is for fashion-people

Raf Simons have a good excuse for smiling

It seems like a year ago or so people thought they would loose their mind cuz omg how exciting isn't menswear gonna turn out, but then people got a little bit tierd of Cassette Playa and all those slogans, neons and cheap mondays, and well...somewhere I lost my interest too and stared wearing just grey and envy the Balenciaga-girl. Typical enough, for fall 08/09 I end up finding coats with marble-prints most exciting...and I guess it's not that weird, after all: Raf Simons began the whole now-menswear-is-going-to-take-more-chances-blablabla-revolution...(and that, without making an asymetrical mess, with diagonal zippers, skirts and some animal-horns)

Jil Sander fall 08/09

Raf Simons used delicate marble prints on this collection, but for his own mainline the inspiration was rather more colorful:

Mark Rothko? Why not, I guess it's a natural reaction after all those pixels...remember the handpainted dressed Dolce & Gabbana did? I think we might have a art-school prom king and queen here:

Anyway, I'm not sure about these ones, but it's gonna take months before they hits stores, so there's time to get used too them

Hair and make-up?

Hitlerjugend-cut and just color hair-roots, like here, from the Dries Van Noten-show

Yves Saint Laurent fall 08/09

As for the presentations, it looks like films instead of a ordinary catwalk-presentation is not just a trend...it started of with Yves Saint Laurent and a video directed by London based Colonel Blimp. Stefano Pilati did a video with Nick Knight for showstudio last year, 24HRS. (don't forget Knights collaboration with Hussein Chalayan, Readings.) 

And as a climax, it ended with Bernhard Willhelm

Check out the project-blog for this video on showstudio, as it's interesting too see the process before the final outcome, especially when it's a Knight/Willhelm-collaboration with balletdancers, a discofloor and a concrete-mixer...the working title? MEN IN TIGHTS

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Anonym sa...

Sveisen med farga ettervekst syns jeg faktisk var litt kul. Litt sånn Blitz møter square. Men jeg fikk også en ekstrem trang til å gi gutten litt leppepomade.

alenemor13 sa...

den kjolen er så fin, men synes kanskje den burde være mattere..bare en anelse. u feel me?

synes du ska spare til en sån café-kunst jakke..herregud. mangler bare de der astralmenneskene og kanskje en rose som gråter. ska lage en til deg jeg. må bare lage veske til amalie først.

deprimert julatre sa...

elske cafè-kunst

Sjur ska farga etterveksten neste upopulær