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SICK AND TIRED (ready to get inspired)

All this layering with oversized hoodies and scarves that cost more than an average jacket…It’s too advanced for me. You got to get the colors right and make it look graphic…oh damn, just too much...when it’s cold and winter (and I’m having the flu), well, I only have willpower enough to get into like maximum one piece of cloth…So what to look for?


research-documentation from Siv Støldals "Trace"-collection

Ok, it’s not like I’ve searched all over the internet…I’ve just been sitting here, eating chocolate and drinking tea, going over the past Kim Jones-collections. I feel he’s been kinda forgotten these days. I mean, is there like any menswear out there that looks more comfortable? Don’t think so. And it’s all tailored classy, but in warm, soft fabrics…and on the right boys (with the right proportions) it looks oh so damn hot (that’s important too by the way…)

mmm, I guess this is made out of sheep-skin

Ok, this is not an overall, but still, look how boys can use the "belt-for-a-more-slim,-classy-look-trick"...
caps'n'sneakers all year'ound!
(can't believe I'm actually writing this...lol)

I don’t know about all these white ones…are they warm enough? It’s not sexy too fill them up with clothes inside, part of the point is that a body-part or a muscle suddenly is indicated…but if you didn’t know, air is isolating, so baggy clothes is definitely warmer than slim-fit.

But lol, here it is;

(I'll love you forever if you find a online-store where I can get this one on sale...)

3 kommentarer:

alenemor13 sa...

ah I'll sew you one when I get back to oslo! I wasn't too bad at quilting at school..

andy hotpants sa...

ahhh im trying to relocate the overalls made in sleepingbag material. have to be the most comfy

Lynn and Horst sa...

i so want one!
i am obsessed
what do you think about the apc one?