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for your consideration

these Reebok's would look great with a gray suit or as a contrast to any outfit with only gray and black shades.

I used to have this fantasy of having a chainsaw as a purse..

sheer coral from Estee Lauder (it feels a bit dry on the lips so I recommend to use some lip balm with it.) I think Lancôme got some nice coral shades in their color fever collection, as well, and they feel great on the lip!

..as for the oil platform... isn't navy and orange great together?

I've spray painted my boots orange, it doesn't look as good as the ones you buy (the paint keeps rubbing off), but it's a lot cheaper. and you get that nice toxic sparycan odour as a bonus*

I've had a crush on diggers for many years now. Esben gave me some digger-catalogues when we went to school together. you should check out his comic zine btw!

Jeremy Scott spring/summer 08 it's not my fav. collection by him, but it isn't that bad either.. (and the colors fit in to my industry post)

this one here is also from Jeremy Scott spring/summer 08 . love this outfit, the materials... can you take the trash on your way out, hunny?

once, my grandmother saved a little duckling from dying by scrubbing it clean from oil and holding it warm the entire night. after that it thought she was it's mother.. they had 'daffy' until he became fully grown up. then he moved to the countryside to a place with a little pound and some other ducks (no, that isn't nice for; 'they eat him for Xmas'.. )

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martemjau sa...

åh, kajjja, du finner så mye fint. jeg likte alt her.

alenemor13 sa...

jeg var på munk museet og så landskaps utstilling. jeg ble inspirert.


rouge à levres rouge sa...
Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.
alenemor13 sa...

well a chainsaw is more effective than pepperspray I suppose..

and I think ducks are somewhat in the wind these days.

K-Y-M sa...


alenemor13 sa...

takk ska du ha!