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stormy weather = treasure hunting in my old closets

The wind is so stroing right now, that it feels like the house will take off any minute! no way I'm going out today, so I guess it's time for some workshoping at my parents place instead.

I used the HM gift certificate that I got for xmas, on these black shoes with zippers, and I'm thinking they might be cool with this old stretchy-zipper-belt, that has belonged to my mom. I just have to size it down a few inches.

I also found a pair of dark green fake Dr.Martins in my closet. I want to paint them glossy bright pink or orange , just like the one at the picture below.

..or maybe I should paint them red instead, that's kind of classic. I'll see wich color paint I can find.

pictures from facehunter, it's a good look with the contrast shoes.

fresh whites - madam ice

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BarnmedHenrik sa...

they have some really nice bright red and bright yellow shoes at secret society now. I really want something to contrast all my grey clothes, but i really need to pay off my mastercard debt.

And, because of you I have downloaded all the versions of perfidia; english, spanish, instrumental, new, old, I could possibly find.