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Another blog on the roll

My friend and the brain behind
ich liebe, has also started blogging. It´s adicitve innit?

When I ask her about the blog she says it´s about shitty fashion, shitty lifestyle and shitty photography. Therefore the name ShittyFashionIchLiebe.blogspot.com
Well, I disagree, until now she has written about Jan Von Holleben, Buffalo Shoes, her own jewlery and fashion, and the Holographic show "Liquid space" at Diesel show. Which all is things I love. Plus lottsa more.

You can start with checking out the jewlery she made for me (us)!

Then move over here 4 more.

3 kommentarer:

Cool Urbanite. sa...

Really like your blog name, and the jewellry too!

andy hotpants sa...

awwwww satan det va fint smykke azzå!

martemjau sa...

jasså du...