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"you make me want to crochet"

inlove with Clare Though's grafitti-like knitweare? Yeah me too..
I'm a huge fan of the works of Jean Michel Basquiat and it's not hard to see that Clare has let her self inspire by him as well. The result is really fun and bold, and it gives me a bit of the same refreshing feeling I remember from when I first noticed Basquiat. ye ye ye ye ..!

Jean Michel Basquiat

and yeah vivienne westwood again.
I think I'll start to knit, or paint my nose green, or at least do something I guess..

crochet - julie ruin

2 kommentarer:

deprimert julatre sa...

did you know that Westwood actually used children too paint on that collection?

alenemor13 sa...

child labor is pretty hot