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2 da bergen kidz

come shake ya rump 2 my gangstarap vs britney beatmissmixing skills,Pators untz untz untz bloghouse, and upop indie vs minimal music?

UPOP is a new blog in bergen...smuglesnings fat little sister? ;)

Untz untz untz is the best and only music blog in bergen acording to Pastor...hrmf LOL

9 kommentarer:

PASTOR sa...

ive heard that pastor is reaaly reeealy pretentious!

but thanks for djing last night andypandy!

K-Y-M sa...

my mum is pretentious:)

andy hotpants sa...

my best friend brrrd also

pretentious art student in spe ;)

Pastor: it was FUN! im just and old man withouth a beard, but we should have tried t have a night with only grime/gangstarap

alenemor13 sa...

det er pop å være upop for tiden..

andy hotpants sa...

tydeligvis azzååå

Anonym sa...

Hyphy Hyphy Hyphy

UPOP sa...

hahahahaha! heller feit lillesøster enn tynn groupie!

PASTOR sa...

we could call it GrimeCrime!

Anonym sa...