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Oh I don't really care about fashion'art'n'partys when I'm home for Christmas. It's all food'n'porn. Seriously. But sometimes you get these rare moments when your interests suddenly meets. When it comes to porn, I think we’ve showed you guy’s (and girls for that sake) homopunk.com before. Some of it is sexy, some of it is trashy-trendy-weird (you know, animal-masks and yesterdays boombox-makeup) and some is just…well, “liberating” (normal body-types aka ugly people, who cares)


Well, not really. I guess you manage to google just as good as I can (and know all the different xxx-tubes…?)

You may read an interview with him in BUTT (“piss drinking porn star was born in Cognac") where he talked about how unsexy pornstars where when they got their clothes back on…Francois Sagat is know for classy style, a tattooed toupee (I gonna need one myself soon!), beefy muscles and, yeah; piss-drinking...it’s no wonder why Bernhard Willhelm have choose him to present his latest men’s collection:

A pornstar with good taste is a supermodel x 10!

And guess what: Francois has a blog!

and check out his rather experimental youtube-profile...


6 kommentarer:

sniketyven sa...

X-) han er jo performance-kunstner også!

deprimert julatre sa...

et sant multitallent

men ingenting slår uansett den tattoerte tupeen

Birthe sa...

likar best kleda med hol til k****, som eg ser har blitt sensurert på bilda her. B:)

sniketyven sa...

"surprise, surprise"

alenemor13 sa...

aldri har vel store muskler sett så nusselig ut før! han ser ut som en tegneserie figur ..eller et eller annet fra Fisher Price*

deprimert julatre sa...

men seriøst
bildene på bloggen hans e (for d mesta) kjempefine!