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making out with Laura Palmer

Oh, I r e a l l y like this Robyn video Directed by Max Vitali, lovely pictures, and great styling! it's almost a bit Jürgen Teller..?

it also reminds me a bit of that fashion shoot by Pierre Bailly and Cathy Kasterine, in the september issue of i-D magazine this year. (you know, the one with Gemma Ward on the cover, yeah, I've been inspired a lot by that issue..)

one part retro-glamour, one part british middleclass-interior, a bit cutting edge fashion and some pretty strong blitz/spotlights (to make those contrast shadows), will get me trough this winter!

5 kommentarer:

martemjau sa...

that photo shoot is amazing

martemjau sa...

arg, men musikkvideoen klikker jo når man prøver å se på den. men fytti katta så fin den er.de første 30 sekundene jeg ser ihvertfall. hehe

alenemor13 sa...

ja jeg ønsker meg den barbie/farmor-senga i videoen. og han lille gutten er drit fin! .-)

rouge à levres rouge sa...

that's not british working class interiours, thats definitely british middle class.they never throw their furniture away. it can even be a british upper middle class house.

alenemor13 sa...

yes I suppose you're right. (I wouldnt really know)
traditional british interior is fascinating never the less. :-)