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I wish I could move like Michael Jackson do

Im not gonna give you a top-ten list of the best albums of 2007, or the best floorfillers, or the worst albumtitles. But Im gonna share with you some songs I listen to on my ipod and infront of the mirror these days.

Be sure to download them and you got some additionals to all the christmas carols. Just click on the Divshare symbol and click download original on the right on the page that jumps up.

And for those of you in Kristiansand tonight; come to Jallakveld @ Sixpence. Its gonna be bands:
Something Spies-y
Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space
I sing the body electric
Danish Space Ferry Corsten
Pure 'n Tight

and Djs:
Dan Drehn
Panda Plek
Cyber puppy 007
...and maybe some more? dunno.

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