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party broke, party sober, yeye...

I spent the whole Friday night throwing up, but hey! when cyberpuppy007 calls you saying she’s willing to fix some beers if you’ll join her at this photostudio-somewhere-down-town-party, then why not give it another try…now let’s get drunk, shall we?

Mikaël showed up at Marthes place, where we tried to fix our hair and drink a little bit

a little walk in the rain, a few phonecalls and THERE we're on place!

Henrik and me

Cyberpuppy, don’t you dare giving up your modelling-career! You're DIVINE!

Kristin and Pål have entered the room

Petteri is doing this pose on almost every single picture, I guess it loosened us up a bit...

oh Alenemor13 is definitely feeling the beat!
(notis her new homemade-dress)

Always getting the party started: Mmmm! Pål! The towns best dancer! The multi-talented icon! (I managed to unbutton his shirt with one hand while snapping shots!)
Nils Bech, you’ve got a competitor….
Cyberpuppy joins in...
(this picture is just begging to become the next JoinOurParty-poster!)

There where, ehm, other people there too

Cyberpuppy and Francisco
2depressed loves when dj’s care enough to decorate their little table (remember "Blog Party"?), and of course: when it’s Christmas, you can even get away with nasty Christmas decoration like this…

I spent most the night trying to dance and fail…luckily there was traditional Norwegian Christmas food there, so I at least didn’t have to walk home hungry. Ester and Henrik agrees


(you're all welcome at my place before the Upopulær-gig this friday!)

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