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xmas workshop #2

John and Yoko, Destiny's Child, Sufjan Stevens and even The Knife made their own xmas songs

so why dont you do the same?

all you need is some bells, piano or trumpet sounds, some more or less cheesy lyrics and some xmas spirit!

la la la

here is one I made myself a few yeras ago (sorry about the bad quality, It was a one take with poor recording gear)

so we're sitting here, with our hands in our lap,
or we're lying there, with our pants on our knees

and we're waiting

we light candles, we eat chocolate, and we watch TV
and we're wondering how this years xmas will be

and we're hoping that it will be good
and we're hoping that we did everything like we should
and we're hoping Santa will keep in mind; that even though we fail,
we often try

to be nice.

Destiny's Child - 8 days of Christmas

"On the 8th day of Christmas my baby gave to me
a pair of chloe shades & a diamond belly ring "

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deprimert julatre sa...

oh that destinys child-video is fantastic:-p