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Support yr local clubkids

Okay. This week has been crazy. Spasibar turned 3 yrs old on wednesday, which ofcourse ment free vodka shots and lottsa beer. I lost my VISAcard and my lovely black satin jacket. Fuck stealers. But I had a good time, as did I yesterday at Pastor bigtime. All the artists where great and the cabaret/høstfest på steinerskolen -feeling was superb. (pixx 2 come, I think Tor Erik got some?)anyway... we HAVE to drink and dance tonite also b/c...

...tonite...again...there is
UPOPULÆR @ Pi. (Storgata something). This night they got Bitchee bitchee ya ya ya to play. thats like SOOO KOOOL. And the DJ for the night is Jerry Bouthier. (resident DJ @ Boombox, London, Kitsune club, Paris and so on...). The nite will be so nice. SO NICE!

Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya is a french-british duo who plays a mix of lo-fi, post-punk, hard-bass with crystal clear (?) vocal and vintage keyboards on the side. They are supposed to be really good live, I´ve heard.

And I guess Jerry will play all the blog-house hits and much more.

And uh. For you 18yr olds; tonite u can get in @ pi! cuz its a birthday party. Upopulær are celebrating 1 year. Get yr sneakers on, and get down there tonite, cuz we all know there is no way we dance as good in high heels.

(Some rumours are going around about a heavy after-party somewhere in Grünerløkka. We´ll see).