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Coco Branding

I was planning on making this post like 6 months ago. But I never got to it, as I kept waiting for more chanel-art. Well, now its been so long that I dont even remember all the pieces I started out with. And I dont know what more to say than the fact that I love everything Chanel. I guess we all do. (and this post might very well be updated, as I hope I will remember more artist to show you).

Chanel Pumpkin by CocoChick

Chanel & YSL pumpkins by Marte & Harald

'Classe' by Mikaél D. Brkić
(Be kind and buy me something beautiful)

'Liquidated Chanel' by Zevs

Mr. Andy Hotpants' Tee. (Crooks and Castles?)

Chanel Icecream.
(but is it miss Lohan?)

Crystal Castles albumcover of course..

'Untitled' by Laura Keeble

Photography by Elza Jo

Homemade Wood Jewlery by Ich Liebe

Necklace by Alex & Chloe

And a wall painting by our very own Deprimert Julatre dated ca 2 years back?
No Emo Come On

Which one is yr fav?

2 kommentarer:

martemjau sa...

omg! the gravestone! i want one of those. mark my words, please?

cyberppy sa...

yes i know. its like SO kool.