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(David Shrigley, but you knew that didn't you?)

lets get ready:
(this is for Geir Tore)

I wanne dance with somebody! (probably Amalie but it's for Andreas and those wonderful night when he's dancing among us)

we all have it in us...
(Vivienne Westwood ultimate style-icon, remember?)

it's (this is) a happening!
(this is for Mia and her fabulous way of crashing art-openings)

and to make tomorrow easier (click here, embedding disabled by request)
I promised myself I wouldn't fill up world wide web with more youtube-faves, but this is just to put some hope out there. No that's not ironic. The next days I'll follow up with way-to-late-for-a-blog-report on the most important of things: runwaypics from style.com and some thoughts on the Batlak og Selvig-show which I got to view from, well, second row (thank you Admir)
We live in Tromsø now, the focus is elsewhere. Mountains and cava. Body and kitchen. But hey, maybe people still read these things

deprimert julatre aka mister-tired-of-html-codes

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Cyber puppy 007 sa...

welcome back! Ive missed u. Looking forward to the B&S article. Bergen venter på deg.