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whiteparty à la π diddy

Lately I've been reading a bit about flags , warefare, and the symbolics of colors. Especially the colors black and white interrest me, due to their contrasting meanings and the clearness of what they comunicates (at least in this society).

The black flag as an agressive non compromizing symbol that often stands for anarchy or piracy, I'm thinking it comunicates the state of war, - to go to war against someone or something more abstract, where as the white flag symbolizes surrender or truce, a quite passive act.

*The use of the white and the black flag was one very central element for my semester exhibition, but I didn't manage to maintain the simplicity of the two flags , so the comunication part ended up a bit vague *lol* ..oh well I have some way to go still...

We're planning on going all white for the Hove night this monday.
Kind of like the parties P. Diddy trows every once in a while... only in a much smaller scale.. or like those AIDS awareness parties, only less political. I guess it's our way to say "we come in peace".

we haven't really told anyone about it yet so it'll only be us wering white I guess, but there's 4 of us and that's a party allready! so put on your white tee and meet us there! ;)

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