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BACK ON NORWEGIAN GROUND after my internship at Glasgow Sculpture Studios. and here in Tromsø the sun doesnt rize above the mountaintops anymore for the winter - bring on the darkness.

I managed to delete all my photos before I got to upload them to my computer (heh..)
but I'll hopefully have some kool things to show u later.

meanwhile, enjoy the short days and long nights!
( and the exams..)

The Sun Is Down! (Cornelius Mix) - Yoko Ono

Keep The Lights On - Wave Machines

Nocturne in C# minor - Frédéric Chopin

3 kommentarer:

andy hotpants sa...

i think we just copyrighted the northern light??

martemjau sa...

2depressed up and running again. miss u

alenemor13 sa...

< / Caniculares dies >