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Disparate Action/Desperate Action - HATRED OF CAPITALISM

Introduction: The History of Semiotext(e)
Chris Kraus and Sylvére Lotringer

Part 1: Sylverés First Dream

(June 12,'01 - Los Angeles California - 7:30 p.m.)

Sylvére Lotringer: What was the dream?

C: The dream about not having sex. Because, you see, I was disappointed... I moved the bed around here in the room so that everything could be different.

S: But we were having sex. We were just, we didn't go beyond the crepuscular.

C: Crepuscular Dawn. That's the title I thought up for the book you're doing with Paul Virilio. It's very trans.. like a tequila sunrise, pineapple juice getting mixed up with grenadine. But I think the dream was about beeing middle aged.

S: Let me describe my dream. I never dream, but for the two las nughts I remember my dreams. In both dreams, there is a communal situation - a big room like a loft or an office, with people comming and going. Nothing is private. And in the first dream I was trying to make out with someone. I just remember the white sheets pushed aside, the matress on the floor. People were passing and I was kind of annoyed but somehow having sex didn't seem so important. Like in Kafka,The Country Doctore, I was looking between people passing by. The bodies themselves were not so important. And then last night, I was in another of these huge halls, but I was lying on my back with my sex erect-

C: You mean, your penis?

S: Awgggh, I hate the word "penis". As soon as you become psysiological, it's not much fun.

C: Sylvére, thats all the fun.

S: I mean, I was like the Egyptian Needle.

C: You mean, you had a great big hard on.

S: Yeah. And you were hovering above me like the sky ...And, how can you penetrate the sky?

C: That is a beautiful dream.

S: So then, it's not just you and me, it was people moving around doing their things and I was just trying to do mine and it didn't matter if it went anywhere or not. It was a feeling of energy and presence and there was a point. You don't always have to try to make a point -

C: So thats is the history of Semiotext(e).

S: Exactly. The Red Army Fraction wanted to make a point, and it was taken away from them. You can only take disparate action...Disparate Action/Desperrate Action...wasn't that the title of your frist play?

C: Yeah - That was how I met you. Of the ten famous people I invited, you were the only one who came.

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