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Rose Quartz
Known as the "Love Stone". It's a stone of unconditional love. It opens the heart chakra to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. It helps the user feel a strong sense of self-worth, therefore being worth love. The elevated energy of quartz gives it a property of enhancing love in virtually any situation. Helps in releasing excess fluids and impurities from the body, relieving stress and tension. Encourages feelings of peace and calm. Has excellent protection energies during pregnancy and childbirth. It also brings gentleness, forgiveness, and tolerance. Said to be helpful with weight loss, skin rejuvenator, helps diminish burns and relieve blistering. It can help to relieve the symptoms of vertigo and also helps with the kidneys and adrenal glands.

Black Onyx
Encourages good fortune, happiness reduces stress and helps with self control. It can help release negative emotions such as sorrow and grief. It is used to end unhappy or bothersome relationships. It defends against negativity that is directed at you. Balances yin-yang energies. It's associated with the base root, first chakra. Helps with disorders of the bone marrow, soft tissue, the feet, wound healing, childbirth and to increase stamina.

The Garnet is known as the stone for a successful business. If your business is not as good as it should be, just put 3 or more garnets on your desk. It is believed that if a garnet is put under a pillow it will cure depression. Garnets can be used to make a person popular and have self-esteem when worn as jewelry. It helps protect one on trips. Garnets bring constancy to friendships. Garnets are also known for stimulating success in business.

Blood stone
Red flecks often resembling drops of blood. Some believe it came from Jesus’ blood dripping down from the cross. It’s been used in magic for three thousand years. Primarily known as an intense healing stone, balancing spiritual forces and reducing emotional stress. Also known to revitalize love, relationships, friendships. Purification, prosperity, instills wisdom, creativity, decision making, courage and strengthens the will. Classic for wealth, menstrual cramps, anemia, blood clots, hemorrhoids, birthing/reproductively, imbalance. Cleansing heart and blood circulation, marrow, thymus, lungs & heart.

Considered the Master Healing Stone. An extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. It's one of the most spiritual stones, promoting love of the divine, selflessness, & spiritual wisdom. It activates the crown Chakra. It increases a sense of responsibility and self worth. Sleep with it and it facilitates out of body experiences and intuitive dreams. Amethyst aids in headaches, insomnia, alcohol recovery, blood, pain, stress ,tension, bruising, injuries, skin, respiratory, intestinal. It cleanses the aura. It balances and connects physical, mental & emotional bodies to the spiritua

ok so it has come to this.. crystals... my latest vice. I always thought cyberpuppy would be the one who would space out trough these paths.. but it would be me.
oh well... I'm a sucker for everything that has some sort of sybol value. And there's alot of that everywhere...! (but don't worry I just started a new cryptic blog where I'll store most of this new age spaced out stuff I'm investegating at the time, but at times I'll put some of it up here too.
it must be

So Fucking Disco (Luminfire's Coast to Coast AM Reptoid Blend) - Pase Rock

Holy Ghost in the Club - claire hux

I love London - (KiD COLA Remix) - Crystal Fighters

Electric Touch (vs Justice x MGMT) (Steve1der & Mighty Mi Remix) - Kanye West

Kaja got a new camera 4 xmas , - Mia got a bowl of booze..
ah holiday drunkness is always the best ***

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Men lack confidence in boardroom and bedroom. Males' self-image withers especially when women are around, survey finds
One in three men said they turn to alcohol for Dutch courage to help break the cycle. A surprising one in five had lucky charms, with a third admitting they own 'lucky' jewellery, one in four wearing auspicious socks and one in five putting their faith in lucky pants.


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