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...is a group of three artists: Sigrún Hrólfsdóttir (1973), Jóní Jónsdóttir og Eirún Sigurdardóttir (1971). The three have been working tgthr since they left the art academy in Iceland in 1996. They produce performances, photographs, objects, videos and other good things.


Higher Beings:

Rende-Vouz is an performance they did together with the firemen (in Iceland in think..):

Aslaug Snorradottir photographed this performance "Crystal Rain". It was premiered @ Bergen Kunsthall in 2003 and have been performed in Berlin, Copenhagen, Warsaw and Reykjavik. It looks beautiful:

"Mother Earth": is a plot of vegeatiton adjacent to the power station in Vatnsfell in Iceland:

Women good enough to eat:
(a great feast is any housewives pride).

They had a colab with Bjørk for her album Volta where they made clothes 4 her:

ICL also have a take on the situation in Iceland @ the moment, they can make beautiful birds of wire and old stockings: (!)

Right now they are invited by Flaggfabrikken to Bergen 2 curate an Icelandic video art program.

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"aldrig någe så sjer i schankeholen..." eller Tromsø..

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bra damer! make friends!