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Dear Santa, I don't know if you read blogs, but if you do; here's some of my xmas wishes:

1. Electronic Saltlamp
- it cures winter depressions and sleepless nights, and they're way cooler than stupid lavalamps... I so need one! (yeah I'm new age)

2. The Skeleton fisher necklace
- it's hot, its funny , its classy... I used to be a rock chick.

3. Anatomic heart pendants from Pamela Love or Bittersweets NY
- I've wanted a heart pendant like this for ages.. my boyfriend have asked all the jewlery stores in town after one. But now he knows where to get it! Don't let the price stop you! ;-)))) (ah..who am I kidding..)
- "All details are the same as on a real german war tank. drive across the livingroom floor and shoot eachother down like they did during World War 2"
.....uhm yeah, I remember that. that was so much fun..

5. Airbrush kit
- I love airbrush art... Imagine all the cool stuff I could make.. teeshirts, fantasy posters, naildesigns, decorate my parents car with eagels and mermaids...

6. Questionable beliefs charm bracelet by menden veil
- I want to belive, and sometimes I really do too..

7. Carv your own totem pole by Wayne Hill, Jimi Mckee, Beverly McMullen.
- This would be usefull now that I've actually started making one, coz I have no clue how to do this. I guess I should put a really good axe on the list too.. hopefully the school will supply me with that.

8. "Face it" triangle sunglasses. by Alexandra Cassaniti
- they're cool, they change colors, they're totally illuminati.

9. Naked print dress by vena cava
- I probably would feel a bit exposed wearing this but in the right settings it would kick ass! And it would look great with my metal boots.

10. Black backzip moccasins from Minnetonka
- I've allready bought pyramid studs to punk them up like the ones by Bess.

11. Suede thunderbird moccasins from Minnetonka
- I'm getting back to my native american roots.. I don't care if you dont belive me, I'm getting these anyways.

12. Wooden miniature dog purse from Timmy Woods
- because dogs used to be wolves and then we tamed them and they're still our best hunting mates wheather it be elk or a candy bar @ Deli DeLuca at 12am..

+ + + +
lots of other stuff!
handmade gifts,
u know..

Yeah, I know there's been some room for improvement for my behaviour this year too, but I know a lot of people that have done worse and I will sell them out to you if you'll concider me. Also I think a lot of these things will inspire me to be a better person, I'm sure you will agree..


Yours truly, 4

Pop Music is not a Crime - Freezepop

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tony tundra sa...

De solbrillene har jeg. kanskje vi kan bytte ?