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colder than ice?

i have been busy with schoolio and tanning in the park in time for hotpantz season! enjoy this fantastic italo hit from grant miller 2day before going to spasi 2mrw. love from oilcapitoool. xoxo

" Grant's disco story began in 1984 in Europe, to be exact in Italy. How he came in Italy? „Within two years, my show business journey brought me to Europe with a Broadway tour of the music SHOWBOAT. We traveled all over Europe, appearing in many of the most famous opera houses, and I LOVED it and I knew I was there to stay.
I had always heard about Munich being a great place to make dance music and that was my dream...and destination! So, I cashed in my return plane ticket after SHOWBOAT ended. The rest of the cast flew back to New York from Palermo, Sicily. But I took the first train (California train) to Munich! In Munich I turned out right away where the music industry people would go out to (clubs, restaurants, bistros, etc.) and that's where I entered into the beginning of my "Italo Dance Music" career.

I came to Germany with Ciro, a friend that I met in Palermo, wo had been a successful fashion model in Southern Italy, and wanted to break into modeling in Germany. So, we were on a predestined mission to conquer Germany - as two foreigners who didn't speak a word of the German language. He also opened the doors for me at the modeling agencies. But, he had to convince me first that I could do it. I had never thought of doing modeling, too. Sure enough, an agent signed both of us on“.

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Gotta love italo.