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do u REALLY wanna know?

Since there is no sign of Cyberpuppy intending to post these,
I'll do it for her.

These are her lates photoworks, and they're inspired by
Xfiles and the Hessdalen project
They're really creepy and magical.. you go girl!

Edit: I dunno what more to say. Its an ongoing project about X-trra terrestrials, Hessdalen (un-identified light sources), the aesthetics from movies from the 90s like Nowhere and ofcourse the X-files.


The Truth is out there.

-Cyber Puppy-

7 kommentarer:

Ellinor Aurora sa...

herregud så fint

martemjau sa...

jadda marthe. plis ikke vaer saa tilbakehllde. hils til ellinor fra bjornar. marte og bjronar er paa fest og er ule

martemjau sa...

jeg kan ikke tro at jeg er paa fest g har stjaalet en datamasin og blogger....

LK sa...

fine greier!

Henki sa...


Ses i billetkøen.

martemjau sa...

det jeg selvfolgelig oppi all drunkeness provde aa si var at bildene er drit fine, marthe!

martemjau sa...
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