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Tomorrow everybody over 18 should come to Spasibar. There will be concerts and sun and beer and good people.

Two bands are gonna play, out in the lovely garden if the weather tells us yes, or inside if there by any chance will be rain.

No Kids are the first band up. They´re from Vancouver, Canada. Last year they released a record on Tomlab. (The label for Final Fantasy, Hey Willpower, Deerhof, The Blow and so on).

"The sound could be described as a Vampire Weekend for week 12, or Sebastien Tellier and Of Montreal makin´out in Janet´s armpit. Or somethin´, anyway it sounds hella good!" Marius Asp - Lydverket.

Ingeborg, the bookingmanager for Spasibar calls No Kids for indie-R&B-twee. I like that term.


Next band up are Mount Eerie. (Phil Elverum from Anacortes, Washington). This man loves Norway. Every summer he returns to Spasibar. Earlier he played under the name "The Microphones".
Pitchforkmedia claimed in 2001 that he released the best album of the year. Since then he changed his name to Mount Eerie, toured Norway many times and released tons of records, recently also a book, which u prob. can buy at the show tomorrow.

I remeber the first time I saw Phil Elvrum perform, it was in an privat appartment downtown. Me and some friends dropped by after seeing a poster about it. Turns out Ingeborg lived there, she is now a good friend. Well, at some point Phil managed to turn off all the lights and then get the whole crowd of total strangers to sit on the floor and oul like wolfs.

It was crazy. It was Beautiful.


So all u kids. Hope to see you tomorrow. The CC: is 70,-, but its very very worth it. Maybe there will be waffles. If no rain, the concerts starts at 19:00 SHARP! (so that all u who also wants to see Yatch at Blå at 23, can do dat). If rain it starts inside @ 21:00 sharp!)

Tomorrow it´s Indie. Friday it´s party. more info comming up. hold yr seats.

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