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Back on track

Wow. I've been off the blog frenzy for quite a while now probably due to a blend of hospitalized computer, a hint of blog depression, and much needed sunshine (and add a little "moonshine" in the mix too, if you know what I mean... uhh)

But I'm happy to see that Cyber and Hotpants have been doing a great job with the posts so I figure no harm's done.

But I guess that now as the øya festival is comming up, it's a good time as ever to get back on hipster track.

Its always fun laughing at yourself and this song is a nice follow up to No Bra's hillarious "Munchausen"

Scion money - Fanboy/fangirl

I can really relate to this song..
oh well mostly to the buying falafel on the way home part, but still..
oh I miss oslo.

meanwhile LA Riots are going to DJ in Oslo, the coolest people often can be found right under your nose (or in this case, small neighbour town.) Gotta love Daniel Jerome with his Sandnes sadness!

Daniel Jerome - My Side Of Blue

5 kommentarer:

andy hotpants sa...

i love you guys

alenemor13 sa...

ut i dag anders?

cyber puppy 007 sa...


andy hotpants sa...

ja fy fader han er sød og flink

deprimert julatre sa...

the end is the best

never underestimate the potential of photobooth, "the new polaroid"...