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Bye Bye Oslo.... (for now)

this last week I've been busy cleaning out my apartment. It's a bit sad seeing the place all stipped down, but I guess it's a good time for change now.
Deprimert Julatre and I are starting our new life in Tromsø, this Monday.
It's scary as hell, I'll admit that! we dont even have a place to stay yet. hopefully it'll work out..

but hey, come visit us at the far north!


6 kommentarer:

cyber sa...

hello from bergen. i miss u.

andy hotpants sa...


ozlo 0 - rest of norway 3

mikael sa...

hva skal jeg gjøre nå da?

Anonym sa...


alenemor13 sa...

ta en tur til tromsø?

martemjau sa...

aj aj aj....