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r u a pixel warrior 2?

carri mundane/cassette playa with a live youtubishperformance @ Colleggio of the Poggio Imperiale in Florence§!!

T.I.M.E. is comprised of computer-generated images, and video footage from her installation 'I CAN HAZ YOUR NIGHTMARZ TURNZ TO DREAMZ,' presentation at June's Pitti Uomo in Florence, Mundane's film shows how her Youtube influence translated into photographic prints on her luxury sportswear, with the pixellated prints of jump-dancers coming alive as Carri brought Gabba boys onto the stage. The next step, Carri said, was to video the performance, edit it and put it back on Youtube - making the 2-D 3-D, and then back to image again." to quote showstudio.

oooh metameta. i like it!

go here for the video, not yet on youtube`.lol

performance: Tempa T, Saskilla and African Boy
Soundtrack: ‘PAR’ by Tempa T