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The American Cancer Society says that between 1996 and 2003, the use of tanning salons by people under age 25 more than tripled. The American Cancer Society cares about this because (doye) excessive tanning causes skin cancer. When you get skin cancer they have to cut entire chunks off of you. Is your obsession with turning orange worth it?

Apparently, to some people, it is. A full-time tanorexic will visit the salon every day and pay around $270 a month for the best beds. Tanning booths and salons are popping up all over the Western world faster than you can say, "Melanoma" (especially in places like Britain where it's never sunny and everybody's pasty, ugly and overweight).


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martemjau sa...

the people in england are all orange. its disgusting ...

they drown them self in the tanning salons