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Christopher Kane - again and again, always and 4 e.

Me and Deprimert Julatre, just got back from this very interesting and in many ways exotic trip round and about  the largest, northernmost and least populated county in Norway, Finnmark.  
we visited Hammerfest, Karasjok, Kautokeino, and Alta. and we even went to this really small place with a pub/disco in Finland one night.
we met a lot of cool people and saw a lot of nice things up there in north Sápmi.
it was pretty C-R-A-Z-Y @ times.
( but I'll come back to that some other day and maybe some photos as well.)

coming back, Tromsø suddenly felt a lot more like home than it did before and the city didnt seem so small after all..

after days with duodji, sapmi history and politics its ok to sit down and let the shallowness wash inn over me once again..

and what is better than to dream away with the lovely dresses by Christopher Kane... 
I especially like the gorilla dresses.. and the orange ones.. 
and the black and the pink.. and the shoes.. and..oh well..
Nice nice nice. and so on..

3 kommentarer:

martemjau sa...

i really really want the gorilla top

alenemor13 sa...

ja tror jeg skal lage meg en kjole av ulve tee og kreppapir.

Pål Steinhard sa...

Det var noe fint jeg ikke har tenkt paa, at hvis man ikke foeler seg hjemme i sitt nye hjem maa man bare reise derfra saa man etterpaa kommer hjem dit.

Godt forklart, Paal..