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Tomorrow @ Landmark, Flaggfabrikken will serve us a performance by the swedish artist Joanna Rytel and a concert by the american queer electro hiphop riot grrl band Scream Club.

The Swedish performance artist Joanna Rytel performs her installation ”Happy Abortion Children”, which is a birthday-party for all the aborted babys in heaven. There will be embryos made out of cake, which we all can eat. And we can consider wether 2 say YES or NO to abortion. (which we all know the answer to already I hope...)

Rytel works with performance, video and photography. She is known in Sweden for, together with artist Fia Stina Sandlund, having disturbed the Miss Sweden contest in its live show final by running up onstage with a banner that said ”Gubbslem” (”old man..s slime”).

After the birthdayparty Scream Club will have a show. They are kool!

11.09.08 @ LANDMARK, 21:00

for more info, press here:

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Jennifer sa...

liker bloggen din : D

Cyber puppy 007 sa...

vår. bloggen vår. <3

BarnMedHenrik sa...

Fosterkakene var dritgode.