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Bring Me Sunshine

Hello Im back! 4 weeks in China. Sort of a school trip, but with individual projects.
Been exhibited at two gallerys and taken lots of new photos. Once Ive got 2 develop them all and after ten thousand hours of scanning, Ill show you where Ive been and what Ive done for the last 4 weeks. (Im all analog you know, so it takes time).

Well N-E-Way, I thought Id share with you another photographer I like, James Ball (UK). This is just some random pixx from his website, you can go check out more if yr interested. I get a Martin Parr feeling over some of these shots, which is nothing but good.

XOXO Cyber Pup

3 kommentarer:

alenemor13 sa...


gleder meg til å se bildene dine!

Cruzita sa...

Right on!!! analogue way rules! you have some amazing pics.

BarnmedHenrik sa...

welcome back. looking forward to a super-long blog post with pics from china.