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back on track

Ok, I guess the whole point with blogs is that it's supposed to be some kind of fast media.. and I guess we could have been better on that... putting stuff up here faster..
but we have been a bit busy/lazy, had a few problems with computers, attending school /skipping school, you know..

And we've been short of a member this month since our Cyberpuppy has been in China, where apparently our blog amongst other things is unavaileble due to harsh censorship.. (looking foreward to hear about the trip and probably some great photos as well, if I know her right)

oh well the rest of 2depressed have been traveling as well. (not as far as china but the furthest north that I have ever been) To play at the Hjemme Alene festival put together by students of the art academy in Tromsø.

and here is some pictures of this craze: (I'll probaly upload more later to the flicker, but you get an idea..)


DJ Deprimert Julatre in our magpie's nest instalation (extremely glamorous).

This guy became our private soundguy. I think he was on a holiday trip from Holland or something? thanx!

great performance by Slutburger.

our special guest "tom" aka Galepål rocking the synths.

party ppl

Fitts For Fight

Dj Alenemor 13 , this is serious shit.

the third Dj this evening Andy Hotpants + friend from bergen.

cool guy.

"lets get retarded in here!"

we love Tromsø!
love love, from Andy Hotpants, Deprimert Julatre and Alenemor13.

4 kommentarer:

Pål Steinhard sa...

Fuck samfunnet!

Cyber puppy 007 sa...

å fy faen. fine bilder. fuck jeg blir sur. sku vært der. istedenfor spiste jeg meg feit på reker, ris og tofu i kina.

Gunn sa...

Hva skjer med at berta i Fitts For Fight fronter swastika?

alenemor13 sa...

de eier ikke begreper, dagens ungdom..