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I don't mean to underrate the youtube-revolution...

We all enjoyed that OK Go-video, but there just aren't spent time on musicvideos anymore. Some years ago people actually built and edited for months and videos where banned, discussed, and showed. And no one seems too care anymore.

This wonderful video reminds me of the time when I would sneak out of bed late at night too see what my older brother and parents would watch, and I'd be all freaked out in silence either by the sexual content combined with violence in criminal series like "Silk Stalkings" or got nightmares just by watching the trailers of X-files (never saw a complete episode)...

Grizzly Bear - "Knife"

check out the production blog here

and then I read somewhere that the San Francisco-based duo where going to make a massive Björk-video

The Making Of Wanderlust:

It looks like Björks biggest production since Eiko Ishioka's "Cocoon" or even Chris Cunningham's "All Is Full Of Love".
The live action was filmed in Matthew Barneys New York-studio last summer, and since then time has been spent on editing while expectations where built up.

"Our aesthetic approach was inspired by the Natural History Museum diorama’s where everything is contained in an isolated space and has a set-up feel to it"
- Isaiah Saxon

...and then, the 2D-version, full lenght!

It premiered on yahoo last night, I'll update this to a hq-version if I find one. The 3D version will be available in a few weeks. If you write a letter to Björk's record label One Little Indian, they'll send you a pair of 3D-glasses, or you can order this package

(When I was a kid I would run around in the woods with a fake barbie with a knitted dress in one hand and a stick in the other, I think me and Björk would make friends instantly)

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