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Night walks /greetings from Stavanger

I've been back home in Stavanger for the easter. That means (alongside free meals,) catching up with my other dog, Frida. I really enjoy taking walks late at night. And accompanied by a big briard, it's hard not to feel completely safe ... and Sara can tag along too.

*I was going to post this yesterday but fell asleep while making this compilation with some of my favorite "time-to-go-to-sleep-the-sun-is-soon-rising- and-you-have-no-curtains" tracks.

sleepless in stavanger comp.

kimya dawson - sleep
the postal service - the district sleeps alone tonight
air - kelly watch the stars
ana da silva - full moon
the knife - still light
britney spears - breathe on me(jaques lucont's thin white duke mix)
ladytron - AMTV
primal scream /w kate moss - some velvet morning
perry farrell/exene - children of night
bonfire madigan - scraps

oh well, sweet dreams/sweat stains
xoxo alenemor13

6 kommentarer:

BarnmedHenrik sa...

miss pretty frida and stavanger

deprimert julatre sa...

den funker i Oslo òg

deprimert julatre sa...

og den britney sangen e fantastisk
me har hørt på mixen din mens me har sodde her og spilt scrabble

alenemor13 sa...

det er bra!


nå kommer jeg snart tilbake.
håper dere er i full sving med søknader!

alicia sa...

you have a great taste in music. I LOVE this mixtapethingy.

alenemor13 sa...

glad to hear that!