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Magic happening over at SHOWstudio NOW!

For some months designer turned professor and artist Helen Story have shared the process of her latest and very ambitious project WONDERLAND, where she in collaboration with scientist Tony Ryan have developed a collection of clothes that will D I S S O L V E in contact in water!

And right now Story is in studio with Nick Knight and assistants photographing the collection, and everything is (as with most of Knights shoots) broadcasted live. The sound is clear, and you'll get to hear all the instructions and reactions from the studio over in London, but be patient, this is a very fragile shoot as they only have minutes too document the dissolving...so there's obviously alot of preparations and breaks, but
just fool around, google and poke a little bit on facebook and place the live broadcast on the side on your desktop and check it every now and then (it's worth it)

I'll blog more thoughts about this project later, and make sure to check out the VIDEO LIBRARY with interviews, tests and more, but first don't miss the chance too see model Alice Dellal being sunk into a giant water tank LIVE while Nick Knight shoots

oh, and as for the experimental benetton-layout...well, me, blogspot and html arn't bestfriends, too put it lightly...

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