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our fairytale in the country

We went to in Telemark to take pictures at a dog show some weekends ago. Me, Henrik and Tor Erik (deprimert julatre). It started out fine, the sun was shining and we were laughing and looking foreward to see all the dogs and to get away from all the people and parties in oslo. Its nice wih a little break once in a while. It almost felt like that Modjo video:

we were hoping to spend the night at some stabbur or at some friends. Too bad we were broke and everyone we knew was in oslo for the By:Larm festival.. and we had to spend the night in a container in stead..

The blitz actually makes it look a lot nicer that it was.. it was freezing and pitch black in there and outside there were some cats fighting. We tried to sleep at some plastic bags we got from a local pub, and used a roll of toiletpaper that we had "borrowed " as a blanket. Needless to say, it didn't help much and we ended up having to walk around town till the next day memorizing opening hours and visiting a graveyard... then we walked back to the dogshow that was about 5 km outside Bø. It was a nice trip!

..but next time I think we'll go for the Stabbur..

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Anonym sa...

Haha! Fint :-)

Aids sa...

Haha, ferie i Bø. Knall.

alenemor13 sa...

celebrate good times, come on!