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well I suppose I don't really need one, but I sure would like to own one of these purses from Timmy Woods!
(yeah you know the purses that Sarah Jessica Parker? have been showing off, in sex and the city)

I love the horses and the ice cream.. but I feel it would be cool to have one that is more personal related..

..like seafood or.. dogs! (yeah bet you didn't see that one coming huh?)

oh but which one to choose ? one part of me is thinking that I'd like a typically big dog like this boxer. or a german shepherd, doberman, rottweiler..


But I guess there's a sense of irony in a purse shaped like a purse-puppy (and I like the porcelain like appearance too)

oh! not especially personal (for me), but still a personal favorite love the shape and the colour of this buffalo and it's cool when you can see that it actually is wood that these purses are made of.

ah well its no hurry deciding I guess since Ive already spent most of my money for this month (and they're kind of expensive... bummer..) but maybe I'll treat myself for my birthday in March!

"All items are hand-crafted, collectible handbags carved from fallen acacia trees and lined with silky bengaline. For each tree used, Timmy replants two more in their place. Each handmade bag takes 30 days or more to complete. All markings are part of the natural grain of the wood, making each piece a true original."



hahaha. I was going through FFF´s blogspot links and I found these two sites.

One of them is sort of a tribute site to Julie/chiku (Fitts for Fights lead singer), called "Chikus life"
Its THE most creepy thing I´ve seen for ages. WTF?!

Then I found this site where they sell wigs for cats?!

Is this who Anette tried to look like @ the carnival the other night?:

The blue one also reminds me of Chiku´s stage-costume:

This one is called Silver fox. Oh my.

And this is bashful blonde:

Each Kitty wig comes in an attractive round metal wig case:

Your wig will arrive on a wig form and covered in a hair net to help keep its shape and luster:

"The package also includes comlete instructions for care, suggestions from proffesional photographers, and a mouse with rattle to help you direct Kitty´s stunned gaze".

Kitty wigs is a product of Julie Jackson and het Siamese cat, Boone. Julie´s other work is Subversive Cross Sticht, which you def should check out:

p.s; Anette, no offence about the cat resemblence. The whole night I thought you were going for a Roisin Murphy look!


ok seems like the other url to the dog-video-swf-application thing doesent work anymore. But I found a new one.

notice they have the same backgroundcolour as we do. almost exact. oh oh uh

l33t takin ova?

"Merriam-Webster's #1 Word of the Year for 2007 based on votes from visitors to our Web site:

1. w00t (interjection)
expressing joy (it could be after a triumph, or for no reason at all); similar in use to the word "yay" w00t! I won the contest!"

ehhh so is l33t takin over?

facebook was placed 2th on that list...

what do YOU think word of the year 2008 will be? blog was word of the year in 2004.........





...from uhm, 2 weeks ago?

The party started off with Galepaal´s always amazing liveset.
(btw. he is joing me and the upopulær-crew throwing club @ Hove festival this summer. BUY TICKETS NOW!)

Ørjan aka. Dagsrevyen/Mellalica/Metallica


Mira, she turned 22!

I bought three gas balloons at ballon company for the kids.
looks like he is going to a baby shower.

Amir and Thuy improvised some emo-rock 4 us.

Øyvind bailed on Ørjan, so this night Mellalica was a one man band, which turned out super. Her did a cover of and old fitts for fight song; "holy sex". Good work!

Morten, the birthdayboy. 22 also. They´re twins.

Group photo? haha. People started to get a little drunk...

Oh well. It was a good party. Always fun with bands playing in your livingroom. One year we had a two-days festival in my old appartment. I think 10 bands, 4-5 DJ´s and lots of food and drinks. Bar-b-q and so on. Friday Im moving into a new appartment with 3 friends, I hope there will be somehing happening there also from time to time.

oh yeah just some more pics from the birthday bash..

*sorry for hijacking yr post cyber but I manage to take a few pics too that night and yeah well here is some of them! xxx Alenemor 13*

Frannie is in a party moodMichael and Kristin (and Ida) is waiting for the concerts to start

Anne Sofie, smiling as always"warp drive"

american girl and Anna eating all the pastry

crazy in love.. Cyber P. and Audar

and then the battery went low on the camera...
but the night went on, and it went down good !

The end.



love love love



buzz on da bell

Come party 2night @ landmark, BERGEN. make sure to save some energy 4 tmrw though...post coming up i guess... ;)

check out Njaal at his myspace, he is playing live2night, and 2depressed2getdresseds uncle SJUR, the most fun dj sola has seen.


Hello from Copenhagen....

OK... so its like two weeks since I got back. But Im slow, lazy and broke. And we all know that analog photography costs! (rite Alenemor?) And today I scanned all the negatives one more time. technology suxx sometimes.

Anyway, I visited one of my best friends, Marie, as she lives in Copenhagen to study archtecture. Here u have some snaps!

I dont remember her name, but I want her CAP! OMG. Leather caps are kool.
(was it Agnes? Well, she was swedish and friendly and tuff).

This is the friend of Agnes´s (?) little sister. hah.

Marie, I love you.

Sunday morning. Eggs and Politiken.

Ended the weekend by going crazy in some bakery. They all tasted the same; nothing.