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peach canei & polaroids

Deprimert julatre and Sjur was celebrating their moving-in with a party on Saturday. We didnt manage to take any photos but I stole these polaroids from Ellinors Flickr account.

>ok so I've got a whole lot of balloons..!

>kool, but are you sure you dont want gravelights ?
>nah.. I dont wanne burn down the place.. I know how we tend to act after a few drinx
>ok fair enough.
>but what should I do with the balloons, I think if we fill up the place no one will notice the lack of furniture
>yeah thats a good idea. just color coordinate the balloons that always look classy.
>yeah I think I'll do that.
>but you sure about those grave lights tho?


>hey do you have any gravelights? I think I could use them after all.
>ah ok.

ahh well it turned out great!

2 kommentarer:

Sjur som ikkje bor med Tor Erik sa...

alltid ein fryd det her. god lesning.

deprimert julatre sa...

gravelights is the new neon