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Blogs: The Next Takeover Target? a.k.a Neu dot.com

"First came social networks. Then virtual worlds. Now blogs are dazzling the eyes of major media publishers as the next takeover targets."

As we are featured in the norwegian version of How 2 Spend it D2 today, I thought it was a good idea to blog about an bizznizz-related article on how blogs are the next takeover target. I guess Robert Murdoch or some finnish vodka-sauna-heads would be interested in investing in this blog?

We are also dreaming of playing at Petter Stordalens next party!!!

" That blogs -- which generally provide continuously updated commentary on a particular subject, such as politics, economics, local news, or entertainment -- are gaining acceptance by old media companies reflects their acknowledgement that Internet users would rather participate in the news than simply consume it. In addition, blogs are typically aimed at a niche audience; and each, with its own particular voice and point of view, develops a "community" of readers, and increases the potential for targeted advertising."

Read the whole article on RedOrbit that is quoting The Outlook...

"Standard & Poor's equity analyst Jim Peters believes that although newspaper publishers already have a significant Web presence, incorporating blogs makes their overall media offerings more encompassing and attractive. This is particularly true for younger generations, who are less likely than their parents to use traditional media for their information needs."

SHOW US THE MONEY!!! We will listen 2 any offers regarding product placement etc etc.

**oh yeah and buy DN today.!!!111 At least our beloved Moms will!!!

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Hei. Kjekt å se deg i aviså lillebror.
Tror jeg må kjøpe nye klær til deg til jul....


anette sa...

Noen havner i i-D og d2 (uten sammenlikning forøvrig), mens andre blir oppringt av BA for å gi sin ekspertkommentar til vinterens jakkemoter ("Synes du boblejakke er trendy? I så fall, hvilken farge er den håtteste? Er kåper in?"). Jaja. Forskjell på folk.

lars-erik sa...

Eg kan godt tenke meg å kjøpe bloggen deres men er ikkje spesielt interessert i å gi særlig mye for den. Ta kontakt for nærmere forhandlinger.