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DIY till u die

Well it's crafty-friday! I'm thinking about taking a break from looking good and acting cool (hah..) out on town this weekend. (or untill someone sets me straight) And finally I found some sewing patterns that arn't just a wast of my, oh so short, patience. Just too bad they dont have a printable version, so I'll have to order it trough the old fashion post service. Ah, I guess I'll just have to take a part one of my old tee's and use it as a model meanwhile..

Im off to the textile shop now, hoping I'll find some t-shirt fabric that suits my taste. Oh and maybe I'll order these books as well.. they look like great fun and sound really usefull. "Learn how to look your best. How you can use color to enhance your own special beauty is where the magic appears." Yes, that would be something I would be interested to learn more about!

"Easy Embellishing!"
"the magic of color & line"

Oh and enjoy these fashion advices from a pro :

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dekadent sa...

now I get the joke.
I heart your dog btw.

alenemor13 sa...

well, hello!

she loved you 2