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All my life I've been waiting for something ### patience is the key

After a strict diet of only eating ice cream, in combination with personality quizzes and super mario for the last two days Im starting to see everything crystal clear!

what is hot and what is not? I have no clue.. but, personally Im pro dressing up as foods(again)!

The black tights, white sneakers, the mustard ... you cant go wrong with this outfitget this one or choose from many other stylish outfits from buycostumes.com

Ah LOVE this. from BBC/Ice Cream. this is how to get that Jeremy Scott dress look just in a more casual maner, (coz lets face it, it looks pretty hard running to catch the bus in that dress, even tho Im sure Björk and Rosin Murphy would pull it off)

I'd wear it with my baby-pink throusers and a choclate or pistacio colored tee

oh and heres some tasty tunes to go with it:

Gravy Train!!! - Burger Baby

Disco Frigo -Marvy feat. Zingone feat. Nina
Mr. Ice Cream Inrtoduces - Soft Tigers
Hot In The Kitchen - Midnight Mike
Sugar Buzz - Electrocute
Chocolate,Raspberry, Lemon & Lime - Muscles
Hungry! - Stereo Total
Chocolate (rough mix) - FrYars
Lasagna - The Knife

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Alisa sa...

the waffle-sneakers were in a recent edition of i-d. i like