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Chitchat with Siv Støldal

I think salesmen in clothing stores must hate me for all the namedropping and that whole ”yes, it’s a nice sweater, but I think there are lot of examples of designers that goes further, have you seen blablabla”…

but sometimes it pays off!
Like today, on the second floor in Steen & Strøm (Oslo attempt to make Harvey Nichols) when I for the second time tried on every single piece they’ve got in from the superb Siv Støldal. I just stood there, half naked, switched between the different jumpers, and suddenly there she was.

Ok, I’m not going even to try recreate the conversation. We just spoke about coming from the west-coast of Norway, Tyssøy, design-students lack of knowledge, motivation and how you make that tent out of coats…
But I got confirmed what I suspected: she must be the most down-to-earth designer out there. I guess that’s why she’s considered cutting edge.

2 kommentarer:

andy hotpants sa...

go SIV!!!

brilliant follow up DJ

we love fashion sa...

jepp, eg og likar å legge igjen halv-irriterande komments, slik som denne: yes, Siv er amazing. Intervjua ho for 4-5 år sidan og ordet er som du sa "down to earth". Ho virkelig ga meg mykje å tenke på i si tilnærming til klede. Eg trur det at ho har ei genuin interesse i klede og kleda sitt opphav, miljø osv gjer at det ho lagar er så genialt. B:)