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Fitts For Fight

This Friday, my friends in
Fitts For Fight will put up what they claim is their last show, like ever!! (but uh...girls, think I've heard that one before??..)

N-E-Way its really worth a visit. Their new song ca$h is very good, and the girls are cute and naugthy as hell. God, their only 16! I wish I was as productive, brave and talented when I was 16. Instead i used to sit in my room with Atmosphere, Sage francis, aesop rock, Roots manuva, El-p and whatever other rap I listened to, get drunk and cry my heart out. (I should actually really catch up with that again. At least I sort of miss the music inside all this electronic shit im feeding my ears these days.)

Ca$h is made with help from Njaal from Bergen.

So. The host and hostess of the night, is Matt & Wenche of Upopulær. The DJs for the night is the beautiful Italian Simona (shockingtools)) and Ellinor from FFF plus someone called titchy twat from L to the ondon.

And and and. Visuals is made by our lovey Australian, miss Jade Boyd. Plus TonyTundra & Andreas Banderas. (they are talented and ofcourse also have a blog).

Here is some photos for you from last months upopulær when Miss Odd Kidd performed live, and yours sincerely were DJing. Taken with my plastic Holga cam. apparantly the blitz isnt strong enuff, but yeh. you get the piccccturrr, (hæhæhæ) PARTY TIME.

Simona is Djing this Friday.

I actually think this one is taken at the afterparty we went to @ YG6.

Miss Odd Kidd

The always Lovely sistas from Arendal: Carina, Christina and Julie.

Double exposed Henrik. His Flying coffin sweater is GREAT in the blitz.

Alenemor 13 enjoys her week-end. With both Smirnoff ice and beer.

3 kommentarer:

andy hotpants sa...

alenemor13 looks like she is ready to take over after wenche foss dies

alenemor13 sa...

haha fuck you

Anonym sa...

Henrik: love the outfit and you are hot!