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GONDRY/BJÖRK-VIDEO - production pics!

This video already means allot to me, since both Björk and Gondry kind of introduced me into almost everything I care about now. Gondry made me think about visualising music in a systematic way, either it’s by thinking in palindromes, giving each sound a character based on random association or simply just playing around with equipment, sceneography, stop-motion and advanced special effects like no other(of course you've seen all these videos before, and that's because they actually are that good)

As with Björk, I would never had heard about stuff like field sampling or any of the designers we write about here on the blog as early as I did (I even got to credit her for my David Attenborough-obsession too!).

So for me, this is very exciting. Will I be as thrilled as I once where by their other 6 videos? How angry can a Michel Gondry-video really be? Are they actually going to make a statement about Greenland and the Faroe Islands trying to seperate from Denmark?

At least I hope MTV will play it this time…

source: Director file - Michel Gondry


As for the concept, I haven't read a word. But it's shoot in New York....with helmets and ropes...(reminds me of the confetti-ich threads she's been throwing around lately!)

I'll leave you with this clip from the fabulous The Work Of Michel Gondry-dvd, as I think it’s motivating to see my idols fail during experimenting, but coming out of it with charm and just that tiny bit of magic they’re know for…