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i-Diot or i-Dol?

You know how it is...one minute you are drunk outside a club called Strædet,
and then the next day you are on the top of a Norwegian mountain doing a fashion shoot for i-D magazine from London...haha

Deprimert Julatre asked me to blog about this as it is kind of funny or at least not your regular day watching daytime TV in your briefs...

Here you can see me on top of a ice glazier?? eating a can of SODD(hahaha) bleeding all over a Paul Smith jacket because i cut my hand opening the tin can. hard knock life beeing a model. hah!

dont let the sun go down on meeeeeeeee

we also went fishing for whales in the FJORD. actually kind of fun!!

behind the scenes!!! wohooo. you can see Klaus Thymann in action. cool guy. he likes snowboarding and hardcore music. He has a book out in time for Xmas!!1

In one of the pics of Claudia, the danis girl they used some coats from Siv Støldal to make a tent..the funny part was that Klaus forgot how to put the coats toegether because he forgot the drawing from Siv so on top of a norwegian mountain he had to phone Siv so he could make the tent!!! kind of nice using norwegian designer in norwegian nature. bla bla

Then we closed it all off with a big party in a small cabin, eating whale MEAT, lobster, drinking champagne and cola and danced the night away. true story in the life of mr hotpants.

Also check out this song by a group called BOB

4 kommentarer:

jonki sa...

hot-hot-hot pants

Maja sa...

hurraa! du er ganske heit.

we love fashion sa...

hehe, forsto plutselig at vi kjøpte kart, guide og tipsa Klaus fotograf om locations i og utanfor Bergen før shooten. Arno (som spelar på Strædet på laurdag) gjorde nemlig litt research i forkant! B:)

Mee;) sa...

Haha, det så morsomt ut :)