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Lord Jesus Christ

Sunday morning, praise the dawning
Its just a restless feeling by my side
Early dawning, sunday morning
Its just the wasted years so close behind...

Noooo this is not a post about how I used to belive that Nico was my mother and Lou Reed my father...or that I used to go to church just to watch people cry..

I just discovered a new band from Denmark called Faderhuset (house of the Father), thanks to Martha at 20 jazz funkgreats, which is a punktechno8bit duo that uses christian lyrics and fucked up samples and noises. Its perfect for those thuesdays when you wanna dance around in your new american appereal undies eating a Grandiosa in front of the muted TV watching Greys Analtomy...

I guess the name Faderhuset is a kick in the grill to the christian group that bought Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen which led to some youth fun this summer..woha 2 of my last 3 blogs is about PUNKS. is punk the new fat, bearded guys blogging about stuff made by kids 4 kids?

EDIT:: i just a reply from Martha where she tells me about the music..

QUOTE:it's danish mash-up-manipulator kid kishore who also goes by the name of faderhuset. he makes really weird music, and for some reason people love him in the copenhagen underground.
the song is originally by dan turél, who was this famous and very charismatic beat poet in the eighties. he died from drugs and alcohol I think..END QUOTE

Faderhuset - Kokser kun paa Jesus

This song reminds me of another Danish favourite Kim Larsen which I wish i went to se in norwayyyy

take a look at Faderhuset live...probably two kidpunks from Ungdomshuset..
peace love n x2dac. PS! party pix from last night at Digitalo by Bergens cobrasnake, Birthe