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I just wanted to show you guys these paparazzi-shoots from bjorkish.net, which clearly shows that OMG YESS! you CAN wear those deconstructed, sparkling, pom pom-outfits on your way to the groceries store! At least Björk does, and I guess this shows her stunning commitment to a vision of what fashion can be...

"I try to wear a garment that will assist me in looking like my songs. Hopefully I succeed in helping people sympathise with their emotions, and if my dress helps people understand what I'm on about, then that's good. I'm like a nurse in that sense"

Hats or any kind of headpiece is a must! (I've read somewhere that oversized is supposed to be quite trendy too...)

I love big jackets like this! I've just got a silver one for myself from H&M, just like that timeless classic Robyn had in her breakthrough-video "Do you really want me". But I guess this one is by Junya Watanabe...oh well, who cares...Comme Des Garcons for H&M anyone?

Vivienne Westwoods fucked-up tailoring goes really well with a swollen pregnant belly!

Oh! The fabulous Michael Jackson-embrodied Bernhard Willhelm-dress she wore at the golden globe awards! Here worn more casual with a t-shirt and pom pom-shoes

This is a perfect depressed-Christmas-tree-outfit from AsFour (now ThreeAsFour)…again, love the shoes (a nice alternative to all those trainers…)

...but the best shoes got to be these made by Marjan Pejoski (founder of the brilliant Kokon To Zai, and creator of the infamous swan-dress), it's hard to see, but the heels are carved wood shaped as Maya-statues!!!

Anyway, I feel bad using all these pictures, stop bothering Michael Jackson, you know? Today I walked to school in white rubber-boots, grey fruits of the loom-sweatpants and my black funeral-coat, and that with no photographer trying to ruin my day...I guess this picture is a suitable round-off