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Crystal Castles Interview!!!! EXxxxxclusive

this is what happens at CC shows...

lørdag 17. november 2007

yo! we have a blog called 2depressed2getdressed.blogspot.com based in norway...can I email you some questions for a mini interview?
as you are playing in norway-land soonish

Crystal Castles
all the dates are on the myspace page. we rarely get internet so an email interview is not a good idea. must go now =all the love

from my msn-log...

maybe they should put WLAN on their rider?

Crystal Castles play at Blå today
with Nils Bech as support... Read more at Smuglesning.no

yeahyeahyeah. they are noisy as hell, cant sing or play but I guess thats ataripunk 4 you my friends. enjoy! they do look good though

4 kommentarer:

alenemor13 sa...


nice interview.

Anonym sa...

Eller www.brgnstil.blogspot.com? Ja!

Fleurette sa...


i love crystal castles!!

Anonym sa...

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